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About me

So what can I tell you about me … well there’s lots but what is really relevant?

At the age of 10 years old my family got their first Border Collie (Tonkory Rory) also known as Jet.  He was a wonderful dog who started my doggy enthusiasm!  He left us in 2014 aged 15 with a big hole in our hearts.
One year later I was lucky enough that my parents bought me Sky (Tonkory Take To The Sky At Skyvana) another Border Collie, this time my first show dog.  She got me hooked on showing and it all spiralled from there.  Wow she was the apple of my eye and departed this world in 2015 at the good age of 16, breaking all of our hearts once again.
One year after that we purchased Llanrose Bo Peep of Skyvana (Misty) who became my competition obedience dog.  As we know Border Collies have a brain and she knew how to use hers to her advantage.  It was through Misty that I gained so much experience of how to train dogs correctly and for a purpose.

Having decided to persist with my showing career my parents wanted a smaller dog (for them) as running around with a Border Collie can be quite tiring!  This is when the first Papillon arrived.  He was little, fluffy and red and white coloured … ‘Clancy’ was not my cup of tea!  Never mind I fell in love and then my love was split between the Collies and the Papillons.  So of course the next thing … I wanted my own Papillon!
Champion Christea Midnight Rose for Skyvana (Rosy).  She stole my heart as a little fluffy black and white puppy and became my princess.  Through her I continued showing, now split between the two breeds.  She didn’t think much of showing it was quite boring but she eventually gained her champion title and became my first UK Champion - something I will never forget.  Unfortunately, Rosy was taken from me too early and left in her sleep.  She left me with an amazing line of dogs including her son who sired a UK Champion and many other winners.
My next Papillon was Irish Champion Graycaz Pantson Fire for Skyvana this time a red sable and white who I took over to Ireland and got his Irish title with.  I currently have a new German Import called Luke (Toot Sweet’s Happy Go Lucky Skyvana) who is growing into a beautiful dog I am proud to own.

So what happened next … of course there’s always something new!  In 2011 I purchased my first Tibetan Spaniel (Rocky) who went on to win a Challenge Certificate and two Reserve Challenge Certificates.  He is a beautiful Gold and White Particolour.
Then I was lucky enough to meet Shandy Bridges who allowed me to purchase my first black, tan and white Tibetan Spaniel called Tansy.  She is a stunning girl who totally rules the house and my heart.  She has filled half the hole in my heart that Rosy left but nobody will ever fill it completely!

Enough about me and my dogs?  Ok so here is some of my qualifications / experience:

  • In 2008 I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • I have worked in a kennels as a dog groomer
  • For five years I worked with various pet food companies (one of them being Royal Canin) and gained absolutely invaluable knowledge of pet food and how diet can affect the behaviour and condition of dogs and cats.
  • I have organised and trained at multiple Junior Handling and Adult Handling Show Training Days and am a judge of junior and adult handling.
  • Committee member of Cheltenham and District Canine Society
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Trainer and Examiner
  • I am a Championship Show Judge for Papillons and I also judge several other breeds at open show level. 
  • I am a qualified microchip implanter.

I hope that this conveys the depth of my involvement and love of all animals, particularly dogs and explains why I am committed to grooming with concern for the welfare of the dogs and supplying pet food of the highest quality.